Auto Writing:

Auto-writing is a beautiful and pure form of channel writing, wherein we allow information to be channeled from our own higher self through us, onto paper. The technique requires the mind to first gently relax and then move slowly from consciousness to an altered state of awareness. Once a state of relaxation is achieved, one allows for auto writing to flow with answers to queries that one might have towards a specific guidance or call to take.

Aimed at: One interested in accessing ones higher self and help, through the mode of the beautiful written word.

Duration: 1 hour.

Past Life Regression:

The journey of your soul has traversed many a lifetimes and galaxies before reincarnating with your current beautiful life. What are the dots connected to your past, what needs resolved? Are there patterns you are carrying across lifetimes? Is Karma at play somewhere? Who is that person in this lifetime who has felt like a soul mate you have always known? Are you keen to discover your past? Is going back in time something you want an insight into about your soul? Open the windows, because sometimes the keys building your future lies in understanding and resolving the past.

Aimed at: Insight into past patterns to analyze current recurrent themes, analysis of unresolved patterns, which may be affecting the current life.

Duration: 2 hours.

Age Regression:

Sometimes we need to go back in time from the time frame we were born in, to gently discover those moments and learning points which left a deep impact and imprint that still have an unspoken but a very real clutch on certain attitudes, behaviors, fears and functioning of ours in our present time. Relationships, personal interactions, fears…what is holding you back and since when? It is time to go back to your younger self and make peace.

Aimed at: Issue resolution which stems from the current life patterns.

Duration: 2 hours on 2 consecutive days.

Inner Child:

Inner Child When you are born, you are a complete soul. Come life, and as it unfolds, small big incidents, which leave an unsavory experience, literally fragment and freeze there in time, and develop an inner child, shell shocked with the incident, which has not been processed. As you keep moving on, the inner child stays stuck in time, and no matter how many years pass, consciously, sub consciously the inner child pulls you back every time it senses a similar scenario unfolding, and a trigger reaction from you follows, almost true to pattern, which you and those close to you sometimes fail to understand. Revisit your inner child, go back in time, and resolve whatever is holding you back, and integrate your fragmented soul parts with complete love and resolution.

Aimed at: Finding resolutions and healing hurts of the past.

Duration: 3 hours.

Self Hypnosis:

Is the process of deeply relaxing one's own mind to bring it to a heightened state of focused concentration to enable it with a willingness to follow instructions (suggestibility) for specific reasons, such as self confidence, deep relaxation etc.

Aimed at: Empowerment through self work.

Duration: 1 hour.

Crystal Healing:

Each crystal has a unique vibration resonance which is capable of interacting with the human body's electromagnetic system. They owe their unique qualities to their mineral content, their natural geometry and the colour frequency that each of them emit. These can be used to soothe ground and heal the physical body, balance the chakras and integrate the color and vibrational field of the human body.

Aimed at: Restoring the mind body and soul balance through the use of beautiful and charged crystals.

Duration: 1 ½ hours.

Goal Accomplishment:

Personal Mentoring: The beauty of a blank canvas is you can start and go where you like. The barrier? Exactly that sometimes. Where do you start and where do you go? Or do you know where to go, but don't know how to get there? Visualize your dreams, personal and professional. Discover your strengths, find your flute…it's your life, put the song back in it.

Aimed at: Individuals looking at personal coaching and mentoring for personal and professional resolutions.

Duration: 2 hours.

Radical Healing:

Your body ailments tell your internal story as it is. Got a lower back ache? Chances are financial worries are getting the better of you. Each point of your body, tells the story of where stress and mental conditioning is out of alignment for your highest good. Come and deconstruct the patterns and release the body of having to do the talking through physical ailments and hurts.

Aimed at: Reaching resolution through understanding body ailments and pains.

Duration: 1 ½ hour.

Relationship Counseling:

Your relationship with the outer world is a mirror of the workings of your inner world. Discover not just issue resolution with your closest beings, discover your relationship with your ownself and what is it about you that attracts certain people, situations and patterns. Discover a holistic way of approaching and dealing with relationship issues.

Aimed at: Core issue resolution through empowering yourself and your closest relationships.

Duration: 1 ½ hours individually.

Love Your Body:

Your body is the shadow of your mind. Replicating your thought/fear/issue patterns almost exactly. It is a journey of love. Either love yourself inside out, or discover the route from the outside in and see where the journey takes you. Your body is the vehicle of the soul, and no matter how pure your soul or your thoughts are, if it resides in a toxic body, the light and the work that your soul can carry out in this lifetime is not to the optimal degree of your being. Keep it clean, keep it pure.

Aimed at: Working on a holistic mind, body soul concept.

Duration: 2 hours.


Rhythmic Relaxation Technique is a beautiful way of putting the body into a sphere of relaxation and evoking cell memories, should they arise in the course of the body getting back into the natural relaxed wave of being. Buried traumas, hurts, grief resurface from the cellular level for release and resolution.

Aimed at: Resolution through body physiognomy.

Duration: 2 hours.


Emotional Empowerment Technique is a technique based on the theory of reversibility. All emotional issues cause energy disturbances in the system. EET is a simple enough procedure to correct the energy flow by tapping on about ten energy points of the body while simultaneously incorporating affirmations for point of resolution and understanding the origin of the issue/pain.

Aimed at: Issue resolution through understanding and correcting body energy flow.

Duration: 1 hour onwards.

Angel Card Reading:

Mystic Angel Cards It is almost magical and a surreal feeling of being guided wisely and told exactly what you need to hear when the cards reveal themselves with a reading. Got questions you need divine guidance from? Love, career, health, beliefs and attitudes… A beautifully illustrated deck of various divine cards, (angel guided tarot if you must) speak to you, wisely beyond dimensions. Discover a reading; your answers have much share with you.

Aimed at: For everyone with a belief in angels and guides, and those interested in discovering guidance and answers through a composite whole of mystical cards.

Duration: 1 ½ hours.


The art of writing is a sub-conscious activity. It is an ideo-motor response that bypasses the critical mind and hence is a very important and revealing diagnostic tool of behavior and personality make up. What does your writing reveal about yourself? Better still, what you can do about your writing to bring about a change better suited to you. Write your way…the right way!

Aimed at: Ideo-Motor analysis and resolution.

Duration: 1 hour.

Tarot Card Reading:

A tool for spiritual introspection, Tarot uses the divine forces of Knights, Warriors, Pentacles and Wands to give an insight into your life with the help of a deck of shuffled oracular cards. Personal, professional, relationship questions…Tarot is an unknown insight into the known.

Aimed at: Introspection of a situation and insight.

Duration: 1 ½ hours.

Dream Therapy:

Your dreams have a specific meaning which is personal to only you and your metaphor decoding of them. No dream dictionary or dream book can be as accurate as your own analysis of your own dreams. Use your own interpretation and understanding of what your dreams are trying to tell you. We dream in a three stage cycle. Understand which parts are the brain's flush out, its premonitions and its way of processing.

Aimed at: Decoding metaphoric suggestibility of the mind.

Duration: 1 hour.

Karmic Work:

What is Karma? How is it playing out in your life? Who are your Karmic partners and what is your karmic work in this lifetime. Discover your story.

Aimed at: Karmic Resolution, understanding and insight.

Duration: 2 hours.

Aura Photography:

Aura is a colorful, multilayered energy field present around all living things, which is often also referred to as a psychic energy field. The aura holds information of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Sometimes, without our knowledge our auras can be unbalanced and have energy leaks and energy stagnation in areas, which could be holding us down. Kirlian photography is a scientific method, wherein through a software, your aura can be captured on camera and photographs can give a detailed analysis of your aura energy, in and around your physical body.

Aimed at: Studying the auric field in detail. Understanding the health of the inner and outer aura.

Duration: 1 hour.

Aura and Chakra Balancing:

Aura is a colorful, multilayered energy field present around all living things, which is often also referred to as the psychic energy field. The aura holds information of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Sometimes, without our knowledge our auras can be unbalanced and have energy leaks and energy stagnation in areas, which could be holding us down. The same applies for our chakras, the seven vital energy vortexes (refer to the INTEGRATE link on top for a detailed explanation and understanding of your chakras) in our body. The health of these are detrimental to one's professional, emotional, mental and physical well being.

Aimed at: A holistic approach to healing.

Duration: 2 hours.

Deep Relaxation:

One of the most beautiful take away of this relaxation is, it takes you to a state of calmness, peacefulness and being one with the universe as well as with your own self, deep down. Recharge your chakras, sooth in the tranquility of just sound and evoking light in each fiber of your cell. Its good to just unwind and let go.

Aimed at: A soothing and calming tranquil getaway right from where you are.

Duration: 1 ½ hours.

Clinical Hypnotherapy:

Is the insightful navigation of the mind to understand, unearth and rectify the deep subconscious patterns that are not serving one's highest purpose. Anxiety, panic, fears, self confidence, self esteem..trauma release, past life regression, age regression, understanding your higher self…there is a limitless possibility that the anvil of Hypnotherapy traverses. After all, its all in the mind.

Aimed at: Core resolutions and insights.

Duration: 2 hours each session.

Clearing Vows and Oaths:

When we deeply and utterly say something with a 100% emotional charge, making deep proclamations such as " I will always", "I vow to never"…these get lodged in our mind, soul and body cells across time and space and have the seriousness and power to affect future decisions wherein we may have no memory of the oath or vow taken, but wonder why certain present day scenarios go the way they do. What is happening is, the body is keeping sub conscious rage or love afloat to continue keeping certain past day commitments alive. Common oaths and vows include: Wedding vows, religious oaths, healers oaths, family vows etc.

Aimed at: Checking for and releasing present day stumbles if they are rooted in the effects of vows or oaths.

Duration: 2 ½ hours.

Art Therapy:

Pick up a paint brush and see the colours melt away and deconstruct your thought process for you. therapeutic in nature, Art therapy fosters self awareness and self growth, psychoanalytically.

Duration: 1 ½ hours.

Dynamic Meditation:

Soak in the four seasons. Transcend, internalize, rhythm and release. Here less is more.

Aimed at: flowing with the sound of beats, focusing inward.

Duration: 1 hour.