Uncap Your Brilliance

Cedar. Rose. Blueberry. Cinnamon. Star Anise. Sometimes it takes a little magic portion of the right flavor to get you there. Uncap. Indulge. It is time to let some invigoration flow back to sparkle your soul. Scroll your mouse over the following bottle caps for a quick "pick me up" boost for a soul sparkle. For a more detailed and in-depth range, visit the therapies section. It's time to splutter some spark right back in!


Personal Mentoring: The beauty of a blank canvas is you can start and go where you like. The barrier? Exactly that sometimes. Where do you start and where do you go? Or do you know where to go, but don't know how to get there? Visualise your dreams, personal and professional.Discover your strengths, find your flute…it's your life, put the song back in it.

Aimed at: Individuals looking at personal coaching and mentoring for personal and professional resolutions.

Each Session: 2 hours.


Letting Go: A bunch of stringed balloons only take you loosening your fist to allow them to fly away. But how many times has the fist only tightened when you know it has been time to let go. People, attitudes, events, incidents…discover the beauty and closure of finally forgiving and moving on in all aspects of your life. Loosen your fist, allow the release. It is time.

Aimed at: Scenarios where past unresolved (childhood trauma, emotional wounds, personal instances) are keeping you from the present and from moving ahead energetically.

Each Session: 2 hours.


Mystic Angel Cards: It is almost magical and a surreal feeling of being guided wisely and told exactly what you need to hear when the cards reveal themselves with a reading. Got questions you need divine guidance from? Love, career, health, beliefs and attitudes… A beautifully illustrated deck of various divine cards, (angel guided tarot if you must) speak to you, wisely beyond dimensions. Discover a reading, your answers have much share with you.

Aimed at: For everyone with a belief in angels and guides, and those interested in discovering guidance and answers through a composite whole of mystical cards.

Each Session: 1-1/2 hours.


Creative I! The most beautiful way of looking at the world? With your own unique perspective. Add to that a vision of playfulness, tilt the sky to the level of your mind, walk a lopsided gait on planet Earth, and see where it takes you. Create new and exciting neural path ways in the mind …and you never know, a whole new world which always existed will open up all over again for you. Be creative! Come alive! Go with the flow! Its all there…the question is how have you been looking at it and how can you see it differently now on?

Aimed at: Logical/ left brain thinkers, children, individuals interested in a full brain (left brain-right brain) workout session.

Each Session: 2 hours


Inner Child: When you are born, you are a complete soul. Come life, and as it unfolds, small big incidents, which leave an unsavoury experience, literally fragment and freeze there in time, and develop an inner child, shell shocked with the incident, which has not been processed. As you keep moving on, the inner child stays stuck in time, and no matter how many years pass, consciously, sub consciously the inner child pulls you back every time it senses a similar scenario unfolding, and a trigger reaction from you follows, almost true to pattern, which you and those close to you sometimes fail to understand. Revisit your inner child, go back in time, and resolve whatever is holding you back, and integrate your fragmented soul parts with complete love and resolution.

Aimed at: Finding resolutions and healing hurts of the past.

Each Session: 3 hours.


Mnemonics: May be a vintage function of the brain with all electronic gizmo parallels, but nothing like regaining the official seat of retention. Five simple techniques. Fifty hours of practice. And your brain is on its way to being an almond dusted sharp memory recall processor. Organic creative stuff to bring you back to putting names to faces, presentations without slides, recalling information, memorise credit, debit card numbers, dates without the risk of a name slip here and there. A sharper brain is intellect finding freedom.

Aimed at: A cognitive, whole brain experience.

Duration: 2 hours


Future Progression. The story of beyond: You love your life, like where it is going; it's all like you would like it to be. Want some more? Do you truly believe deep down you are living your best life? Plant the seeds for an even brighter tomorrow. Explore possibilities you only dreamt were possible. It could be personal hobbies scrapped in childhood, professional dreams which seem 'impossible' to achieve. Come discover what it takes to plant the seed, let's see how the tree chooses to grow.

Aimed at: People with a focus and aim of achieving a long-term goal towards the future.

Each Session: 1 ½ hours


MEDITATION: Soak in the four seasons. Transcend, internalise, rhythm and release. Here less is more.

Aimed at: flowing with the sound of beats, focusing inward.

Duration: 1 hours


Higher Self and Deep Relaxation: Go into a deep hypnotic relaxation wave state and experience respite and calm of just being. Transcend to your higher self and revisit the journey of your soul so far.

Aimed at: A cocoon relaxation and connection.

Duration: 2 ½ hours


PAST LIFE REGRESSION: The journey of your soul has traversed many a lifetimes and galaxies before reincarnating with your current beautiful life. What are the dots connected to your past, what needs resolved? Are there patterns you are carrying across lifetimes? Is Karma at play somewhere? Who is that person in this lifetime who has felt like a soul mate you have always known? Are you keen to discover your past? Is going back in time something you want an insight into about your soul? Open the windows, because sometimes the keys building your future lies in understanding and resolving the past.

Aimed at: Insight into past patterns to analyze current recurrent themes, analysis of unresolved patterns, which may be affecting the current life.

Duration: 2 hours


GROUNDING AND CLEARING: In ideal situations, we should be as rooted in our realities as our higher dimensions and the upper charkas should inspire us. But when ground realities seem too difficult, a lot of times, souls experience escaping to higher charkas, and connecting with all things spiritual, energy work, metaphysics, and slowly but surely start disconnecting from ground realities and responsibilities. Such individuals are often dazed, spaced out, very vulnerable, open and imbalanced in their survival strategies. They can tell you how to astral travel but will have difficulty paying their bills every month. A real fulfilling existence is where your root Chakra (survival issues) to your crown Chakra (divine connectivity) has to be well balanced and each one compliments the other beautifully, not operate at the cost of the other.

Lean to come back and firmly fix your feet on the ground, and thriving in your reality as you traverse the higher dimensions, not as means to escape, but to be inspired.

Aimed at: Individuals not being able to fulfil their survival role and responsibility, too spaced out, 'spirituality addicts', people with a need to be in reality then just connecting with higher planes.

Duration: 2 hours