Sometimes for Life to move forward,
       You Don't need the right answers.
             You need to ask the right questions first.

Ask and it shall unravel.

Got a question that has been worrying you since a while? Get some insight:


1. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and clear your mind.
2. With your eyes closed, think of a question that has been bothering you and focus on it for two minutes.
3. Relax, open your eyes and pick up the colour you are immediately and instinctively drawn to.
4. Click on the colour for your answer.
5. Repeat the process for each question you have.
6. Make a note of the colours you choose. Apart from seeking further resolution on your question and issue at hand,
make an attempt to introduce those colours more in your life via décor, clothing or food.


Has there been a shift of focus in your life lately? What is keeping your attention away from where it needs to be? You need to keep your feet firmly on the ground and focus with a concentrated intent.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Grounding techniques, Priority listing.


You have been passive for too long. What has been stopping you from taking charge? You need to take action NOW.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Chakra Cleansing, Passive Aggressive Resolution, Letting Go, Fear Elimination.


A stagnation of old expressions, ideas and emotions is blocking your energy flow. What are you not allowing yourself to move past from?

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Chakra Cleansing, Dance Therapy, Letting Go, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Evaporation. Technique.


When is the last time you took a moment off and really enjoyed yourself? Unwind, let go and let loose even if just for a while. Sometimes coming back with recharged batteries will take you further and faster.

And believe in yourself.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Chakra Cleansing, Passive Aggressive Resolution, Letting Go, Fear Elimination.


You need clarity in your thinking. What are you afraid of?

And believe in yourself.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES:Priority Listing, Inner Child Work, Intense resolution.


It is time to take inventory of the direction your life is moving in. Which hidden factors are stopping you from growing? Are you on the right path? Are you happy with the direction you are headed towards with the current approach?

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Personal Mentorship, Grounding work, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Rhythmic Relaxation Technique.


Take some time off. What is it that is refraining you from getting a fresh perspective on things?

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Angel Therapy, Cognitive counseling, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy.


Have you been honest about your feelings and expressed them for what they are? You have to be clear in communicating your needs and feelings. Focus on your strengths. You have lost sight of your strong points.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Dynamic Meditation, Rhythmic Relaxation Technique, Inner Child Work.


You need to talk to people in your sphere. Where have you ceased being vocal? Open the channels of communication from your end..clear and honest conversations will help situation.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Chakra Clearing, Inner Child Resolution, Conflict Resolution.


Step back from the overall picture and take time out to think. You are way too much in the middle of everything to clearly see what is going. Move back slightly and gain a perspective.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Art Therapy, Priority Listing, Evaporation Technique, And Aura Reading. Inner Child Work.


This colour calls for self-healing and the need to focus on yourself. What have you been sacrificing since a long time in order to help others? Be honest with your own needs and capacity.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Inner Child Work, Cognitive Resolution, Personal Mentorship, and Angel Therapy.


You need some silence and time to think. What have you been hiding from since so long? What do you want to continue hiding from and why.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Age Regression, Meditation, Inner Child Conflict Resolution, And Emotional Empowerment Technique.


Change is the order of the day. In which aspect of your life have you been resisting change? What do you find painful in the real world?

SUGGESTED THERAPIES:Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, Core Resolution, Letting Go, Crystal Therapy.


Have you been taking care of yourself lately? Are you way too self critical for your own growth? You need to self nurture and encourage yourself more. Have you asked yourself why you pull yourself so down? Have an inner, self-soothing dialogue.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Chakra Balancing, Deep Relaxation, Inner Child Resolution, Crystal Therapy, And Inner Child Resolution.


Taking time off is the order of the day. What are you harming by over doing stuff? Is it your mental health? Your emotional or physical health or all? Take respite and simplify your schedule.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Aura Balancing, Deep Relaxation, Rhythmic Relaxation Technique, Ground Therapies, Emotional Empowerment Technique.


What have you been delusional about lately? Silver calls for the need to balance the scales and reset the equilibrium within. Because only a balanced inside will reflect a well rounded and balanced outside.

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Grounding Techniques, Passive Aggressive Resolution, Age Regression, Conflict Resolution, Priority Listing, Mental Bank.


When was the last time you focused on the practical aspect of your life? Have you been too dreamy about certain aspects of your life? Could it help to have an honest reality check on aspects bothering you lately?

SUGGESTED THERAPIES: Mental Bank, Grounding Techniques, Deep Relaxation, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Hypnosis, Inner Child Conflict resolution.