Every fiber of your infinite being is an interplay
between the finest colours and frequencies
of the universe.

So what is
depriving you of
your spark?

Connection to the Divine Portal

Truth and creativity

Energy, Vitality and Will Power

Money, Power and Grounding

Vision and Implementation

Balance, Love and Connection

Relationships and Emotions

7 Chakras :

The health of the seven vortexes of colour in your energy field, commonly known as charkas (wheels of life)
are the best indication of your personal, professional, social, emotional and physical health and being.
It really is that simple. Click on each of the charkas for a self-diagnosis and evaluation of what each Chakra represents and
the functioning of which Chakra could be out of alignment in your system.

Click on each of the crystal images to know more about each CHAKRA.



When Healthy: Embraces ones experiences and integrates them with balance and harmony. Open to cosmic and spiritual energies.

When Unhealthy: Wandering dreamer, an inability to reach goals, not self directed.

Core functions: Divinity and Higher Values.

Governs: Pineal, top centre of the head, midline above the ears, central nervous system.

Influences: Universal consciousness and integration of the whole.



Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Location: Top of the head

Color: Violet

Element (Tatva): Awareness


Imbalances (Negative characteristics):

1. Spins fast, in excess, congestion, no harmony:

Lost, disconnected from reality

2. Spins slow, deficiency, depletion, no harmony:

Lack of inspiration, limiting beliefs, no spark of joy

When the crown Chakra is balanced:

Enlightenment and transcendence, spiritual understanding and Cosmic Consciousness.


Positive Affirmations:

I let my inner wisdom guide me.

I acknowledge the divine presence within me.



When Healthy: Ability to follow one's own inner guidance and visions.

When Unhealthy: Lacks a sense of fairness and objectivity, leading to judgments and criticism towards self and others.

Core functions: Intuition and Understanding, Sixth Sense and Clairvoyance.

Governs: Pituitary gland, brain, neurological system, eyes, ears, nose and pineal glands.

Influences: Co-ordination, clarity on an intuitive level, intuition and sense of trust.



Sanskrit name: Ajna Chakra

Location: Between the two eye brows

Color: Indigo

Element (Tatva): Psychic


Imbalances (Negative characteristics):

1. Spins fast, in excess, congestion, no harmony:

Overpowering others, living in a delusional fantasy world.

2. Spins slow, deficiency, depletion, no harmony:

Paranoid, inability to focus, confused, undisciplined.

Physical symptoms of third eye Chakra imbalance:

Headaches, skull pressure, sinus problems, poor vision, ear problems, lack of focus.

When the third eye Chakra is balanced:

Knowing and seeing intuitively, clear intuition and understanding beyond the five body senses.


Positive Affirmations:

I create clarity and unlimited vision for myself about my life.

I see things as they truly are.



When Healthy: One enjoys abundance and a sense of expression. One is open to sharing blessings openly and liberally.

When Unhealthy: Afraid and preoccupied with issues of money, power, control, and recognition. Sabotages one's own interests. Afraid to speak up, and is unable to express what one feels or wants to say.

Core functions: Communication, Speech and Expression.

Governs: Pituitary gland, brain, neurological system, eyes, ears, nose and pineal glands.Thyroid, throat, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, parathyroid and hypothalamus.

Influences: Communication, independence, self-expression, sense of security, loyalty, organization and planning.



Sanskrit name: Vishuddha

Location: Base of the throat

Color: Blue

Element (Tatva): Sound


Imbalances (Negative characteristics):

1. Spins fast, in excess, congestion, no harmony:

Unnecessary conversations, not a keen listener, burnt out, tendency to often lie, fatigued.

2. Spins slow, deficiency, depletion, no harmony:

Fear of speaking, negative self-talk, shy, unable to say the right thing at the right time. No sense of authority

Physical symptoms of throat Chakra imbalance:

Throat related problems, thyroid and neck challenges, lack of dynamism and motivation.

When the throat Chakra is balanced:

Speech articulation and creative communication. Ability to freely share his/her feelings and thoughts.


Positive Affirmations:

It is safe for me to express my feelings.

I am open to communication and expression.



When Healthy: Trusting ones innermost feelings: trusting others, taking emotional risks and being open to sharing feelings.

When Unhealthy: Feels bitter, betrayed, paranoid:uses mind as a shield:doesn't trust self or others.

Core functions: Balance, love and connection.

Governs: Circulation, love for the self and others, passion, devotion, forgiveness, compassion.



Sanskrit name: Anahata

Location: Centre of the chest

Color: Green

Element (Tatva): Air


Imbalances (Negative characteristics):

1. Spins fast, in excess, congestion, no harmony:

Selfish, poorly maintained boundaries, jealous, overly protective, conditional love, selfishness, and a possessive nature.

2. Spins slow, deficiency, depletion, no harmony:

Self conscious, unsocial, lonely, anxious, phobic, shaky, shy, unfulfilled, unhappy, misery, pain, sorrow, melancholy, worried sick, uneasy, isolated, guilt conscious, hesitant, withdrawn.

Physical symptoms of heart Chakra imbalance:

Depression, anxiety, sadness, blood pressure, heart problems, circulation problems, asthma, breast cancer.

When the heart Chakra is balanced:

Warmth, forgiveness, sharing and relating, respecting self and others.


Positive Affirmations:

I follow the path of the heart.

I am love.



When Healthy: A sense of confidence in all modes of expression. Communicates with pleasure, motivation and sensitivity.

When Unhealthy: Feels depressed and disappointed; overly sensitive; complains and criticizes; filled with self-doubt.

Core functions: Energy and Vitality. Will Power, Desire and Power, Personal Authority.

Governs: Pancreas, upper abdomen, liver, gallbladder, middle spine, spleen, kidney, adrenals, small intestines, stomach.

Influences: Digestion, expansiveness, growth, self-confidence and ego power, self-control and humour.



Sanskrit name: Manipura

Location: Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

Element (Tatva): Fire

Directly affects: Mental body


Imbalances (Negative characteristics):

1. Spins fast, in excess, congestion, no harmony:

Tendencies of being a workaholic, fear of intimacy, aggressive, competitive, overpowering, forceful, ambitious, rebellious, exhausted, disconnected, angry.

2. Spins slow, deficiency, depletion, no harmony:

Weak intentions lack of confidence, inferiority complex, loss of self worth, shrinking courage, negative self-image, and disconnected, lonely, insecure, phobic. Frail determination.

Physical symptoms of solar plexus Chakra imbalance:

Ulcers, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, indigestion, insomnia, panic attacks, confusion, fatigue, Stress.

When the solar plexus Chakra is balanced:

Inner Strength, Self control, vital energy, personal authority.


Positive Affirmations:

I deeply love and approve of myself.

I release all holds of judgment and let my life flow.



When Healthy: Well defined personal boundaries and limits. Is equally supportive of oneself and the outer universe in equal measure.

When Unhealthy: A feeling of being weighed down and resistant. Fluctuating efforts at helping people. Boundaries not well defined.

Core functions: Sensuality, sexuality, Giving-Receiving. Intimacy.

Governs: Gonad gland, sexual organs, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen,
and middle spine.

Influences: Digestion, expansiveness, growth, self-confidence and ego power, self-control and humour.



Sanskrit name: Swadhisthana

Location: Two inches below the navel

Color: Orange

Element (Tatva): Water

Shape: Lotus with Six Petals


Imbalances (Negative characteristics):

1. Spins fast, in excess, congestion and has no harmony:

The individual is extremely emotional, prone to sexual addictions, obsessive attractions, lots of drama in life. Wild inner child, poor boundaries and jealousy.

2. Spins slow, deficiency, depletion, no harmony:

Frozen sexual energies, impotence, lack of vitality, cold stomach, frigidity, aloofness, inflexibility, emotional numbness, restricted feelings, digestive disorders, lack of centered focus, problems with uterus, bladder, kidneys and lower back pain.


When the sacral Chakra is balanced:

One experiences emotions without being overwhelmed by them and has a healthy yin and yang existence. A healthy sacral chakra enables one to enjoy their sexuality without being intimidated or obsessive about it. The individual is essentially creative, filled with vitality, joy and knows how to maintain personal boundaries and accept change.


Positive Affirmations:

I love myself exactly the way I am right now.

I allow pleasure, sweetness, and sensuality into my life.



When Healthy: The individual feels full of energy and highly motivated. A deep sense of security.

When Unhealthy: Feeling blocked, frustrated, inferior, ill, tired, anxious, likely addictions.

Core functions: Survival, centering, grounding.

Governs: Adrenal gland, spinal column, kidneys, legs, feet, rectum, immune system, genitals and reproductive organs.

Primal energy: Taking care of self and others.



Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Location: At the base of the spine

Color: Red

Element (Tatva): EarEnergy Centre: Yoni (Inverted Triangle)

Characterized by: Smell

Size: Lotus with four petals



When root Chakra is not open or in balance:

1. When the Chakra spins fast, in excess and has congestion:

The individual is prone to lethargy, being lazy, hibernating, being depressed, is sad, bored, fatigued and indifferent. An excessively fast spinning root Chakra causes difficulty in letting go, becoming too materialistic, pessimistic, greedy and some one who is unable to relax and is prone to quick mood swings.

2. Spins slowly, is depleted and has no harmony:

The individual tends to panic, is suspicious, timid, has exaggerated reactions, has besides other symptoms, repression, and hopelessness, is uncommitted, unconcerned, insecurity, which is aimless and often leaves the person fearful and confused.

A healthy and balanced Root Chakra:

Abundant, empowered, Stable, Self Preservation and awakened Primal Instincts.


Positive Affirmations:

I am deeply secure.

I am alive and born to thrive.