Four embers of my soul flew out in awe at different points of time, and somehow these moments, will always define those parts of my soul. The first was while watching a mystical dance performance, when a delicate dancer bowed her head into submission at the end, and the contour of her shoulders arched into perfection at the closing moment. I witnessed sacred geometry freeze. The second, thousands of miles away while traversing the rugged landscape of Leh, the sheer slate brown mountains, were so menacing, something in me stood still in time when I connected with that moment, and a part of me is still lodged there. The third, while on a meditation retreat in a Buddhist Monastery at Hemel Hempstead, England, I sat with my back to a tree, with a cup of tea in my hand, looking at green blades of grass and feeling the sky above. It was the perfect moment of my life, and I had told myself I am going to recreate this peace, this joy, and this sense of equilibrium for as many people as I can one day. And the fourth, when on a cold seemingly ordinary winter afternoon in London, I was watching a movie, something asked me to pay attention to the next few words, because they were intended for me. I dismissed it as a crazy idea in my head till the words said, " Always follow your heart, others may not agree or understand you, but know that I will always be proud of you".

Because the dialogue that then flows through the universe is beautiful. It is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself; it is the most beautiful gift I have given myself. Surfing holidays alone, forty days in Dharamsala in the bitter winter learning an art, completely varied from my professional basis, taking a plunge in the freezing Ganges at the Kumbh, witnessed by my soul mates who travelled the world over to be with me in that moment. Studying and working across design, journalism, architecture and the healing arts because my soul wanted to do it all. And I have. And I am content, complete and free flowing because of it all. And all along I have only reached one conclusion, if your soul ain't excited, don't do it no matter how 'justified' it seems. If it is, do it, however crazy and unexplainable it sounds to anyone in this world. Live. Flow. Energize. Smile. Be happy. A glorious happy orange: A complete and sparking dash of my favourite vermillion gone right!

Mansee Dabral
Soul Sparkler!

It has been one fantastic journey interlinked and woven across journalism, film, design, art and the healing arts, across London. Mumbai. Goa and countless cities of the world in the relentless pursuit of my joy and soul calling. I wanted to pursue it all. Because what finds a mode of expression sets you free forever. I have walked many miles, discovering many directions. Here's a quick snapshot of the highlights of my spiritual beckoning. Because sometimes, even the journey of the soul can find itself in the bullets of a curriculum vitae:


Vipassana, Dhamma Dippa, Herefordshire, England.

A beautiful ten days of silence taught me that the smell of lavenders and drinking water out of meadow pipes sometimes can be what life can be all about when you disconnect and connect back to nature. A training in the mind, taught me coming home to myself.


Amravati Buddhist Monastry, Hemel Hempstead , United Kingdom

To have lived in that Buddhist monastery gave me life skills for the first time in my life from a soul book living perspective. Working meditation, walking meditation..the rustle of the head monk's orange garb in the silence of the ten days of meditation and sitting under the tree with a cup of tea and recreating that with all the souls in the journey of whose life I touch today with mentoring, I owe it all to my days at the monastery.


Living the life of an urban ascetic: London. Mumbai. Thailand.Goa.

Learning the finer nuances of the soul through research, mentors and books and travelling the distance of the world, channeled work through my art and writing. Discovering herbs, crystals, amazing chance meetings... I was taking my baby steps further.


California Hypnosis Institute of India
Resident course: Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India
Trained Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Level 1: Basic Integrated Clinical Hypnosis

Theory of Mind- Understanding and experiencing the state of hypnosis.

Level 2: Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions

Age Regression, Pain Management, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Dream Interpretation & Therapy.

Level 3: Advanced Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions

Physical and emotional Sexuality, Relationship counseling, Use of counseling and interviewing techniques, Understanding Past life regression.

Level 4: Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis

Understanding of past life therapy, Rescripting of lives, Addressing present life traumas, Accessing the subconscious mind, metaphysical aspects of disease, life between lives and life script.

Level 5 Integrated clinical hypnotherapy

Concept and technique of healing- Radical healing, Rhythmic Relaxation Technique, Crystal Healing, Allergy Management etc.

2012, December

Aura Photography Training with Neeta Yuvraj, trained to:

Take a suitable digital photograph for the purpose of aura photography

Scan it with the help of Aura Reader(R) Software

Interpret it in detail

Use the interpretation for the purpose of Healing /Counseling etc.

Use the information to make decisions with regard to important personal matters such as compatibility, work relationships etc.

Create an aura report for self analysis.

January 2013


Workshop: "Coming Home to the Self".

A workshop with Hawaii based Ali Najafi on B.E.S.T. (Bio-energetic synchronization technique – a tool used to assist clearing interferences in the mind. A powerful modality of flowing back into the rhythm.

Mentored personally by Dr. Neeta Yuvraj, Mumbai.

Assisting with healing modalities, workshops, edits and creative inputs on new modalities.

May 2013

Musical Windows and Brain Rhyme.

Being coached personally by Vikrant Chaphekar, world-renowned memory training expert, on cognitive whole brain work out with enhancing creativity, memory, logical structured thinking through the interplay between music and memory, and associative thought process.

Sans a Time Line:

The quest continues every single morning to wake up and walk up to a beautiful experience, soul and learning as it was planned long before.